Fillings & Tooth Extractions


Nearly everyone is plagued by dental cavities at one time or another. When cavities are small, they can easily be treated by adding dental Fillings. When left untreated, however, they can cause severe decay, and may require extraction. Coweta Family Dental performs both Fillings and Extractions on patients in Coweta, Wagoner, Haskell and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma.

Cavities are normally found during a routine dental examination, which is one reason why having regular checkups is so important. In the early stages, dental cavities are easy to fill, and generally result in very little tooth pain. When Filling a tooth, Dr. Warlick will first apply a numbing agent to the gums before administering a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, he will drill into the tooth so the decayed matter can be removed. Next, the Filling is applied, and an ultraviolet light is used to cure or harden it. Patients may feel numbness in the area for around an hour after this procedure, but can usually eat and drink as soon as this feeling disappears.

When performing Extractions, Dr. Warlick will administer a local anesthetic. A special instrument may be used to loosen the tooth before removing it with forceps. Once this is accomplished, gauze may be applied to the area to help with blood clotting. Some tenderness and swelling may be present in the area for a few days afterwards. Patients who have teeth extracted may want to consider dental implants to fill in areas that contain missing teeth.


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