Snore Prevention

Millions of people are plagued by snoring. People who snore often have disturbed sleep patterns and cannot rest properly. Their snoring can also often affect their sleeping partners. Most people feel there is nothing that can be done about snoring, but this is not the case. Dr. Warlick specializes in Snore Prevention techniques that allow patients to enjoy a better night’s sleep and improve their overall health.

When people sleep, muscles in the back of the throat automatically relax, resulting in airways that automatically become smaller. As a result, there is a higher velocity of air flowing through this passage whenever an individual is sleeping. The high velocity of airflow results in vibrating tissues and the noise created by these vibrating tissues is actually what is referred to as snoring. Some people are more prone to snoring than others, including those who are overweight or have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions.

How does a dentist aid in Snore Prevention? Dr. Warlick can help patients alleviate snoring by prescribing a special device to be worn while sleeping. One of these devices automatically moves the lower jaw forward while a patient is sleeping. This in turn increases the amount of space in the airway so there is less velocity whenever a person breathes. As a result, there is less tissue vibration, and ultimately reduced snoring. One of these devices may not eliminate snoring altogether, but patients should nonetheless expect dramatic results to occur.

Since each patient’s mouth is different, a stop-snoring device needs to be tailored to fit each individual. Dr. Warlick can custom-fit one of these appliances to make it more comfortable for patients to wear. Should adjustments need to be made; these can easily be taken care of at his office.


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