Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Coweta Family Dental is proud to offer wisdom tooth extraction to patients in Coweta, Wagoner, Haskell and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma. Wisdom Teeth are the last set of molars that develop on both sides of the mouth in people between the ages of 16 and 20. Most people have four Wisdom Teeth equally distributed on each side of the mouth, but it is possible to have more than four or less than four. The Wisdom Teeth, and sometimes their extras, can negatively affect the health of other teeth already in place as they are developing. They often become impacted, and must be removed before they can cause further damage to the alignment of the healthy teeth.

Wisdom Teeth can be a valuable benefit to the mouth when they a properly aligned and in a healthy condition, but they can also cause damaging complications in the mouth and must be removed to protect the health of the individual if they are impacted or misaligned. Several factors contribute to misalignment of wisdom teeth. For example, when the jaw does not have enough space to accommodate the extra teeth, they become unable to properly develop, often coming in sideways or becoming stuck between the gum and bone in the mouth.

The Extraction of Wisdom Teeth is a relatively easy procedure that does not take long at all. It generally only takes one office visit. Dr. Warlick will numb your mouth with a local anesthetic if the teeth are above the gum line. If the teeth are sideways or otherwise below the gum line, however, Dr. Warlick will often use a type of IV sedation to put you to sleep due to the severity of the procedure. In order to limit the amount of bleeding after all of the problem teeth are removed, you may be asked to gently bite down on a strip of gauze for about 45 minutes. Swelling and pain are often associated with Wisdom Teeth removal, so Dr. Warlick may advise that you take some type of medicine to help with the pain. If the problems persist and you have severe bleeding, pain, or fever, you should call your Coweta Family Dental immediately.


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